August 03, 2010

The Rosette Code

Wikipedia is an amazing (if not always accurate) resource. It has articles on practically anything, including one that I stumbled upon which poports to be the code that gay men apparently used to discretely communicate the more interesting aspects of their sex lives in a hope of attracting compatible partners using coloured hankies. What struck looking through the codes was how close the colours chosen match the colours chosen for the less discrete method that politicians use to communicate their particular proclivities.

Medium Blue - Uniform fetish - Police uniforms or uniforms worn by other authority figures

Which seems a reasonably accurate veiw of old fashioned Toryism.

Gold (Golden) - Ménage à trois - Two looking for one (left) or one looking for two (right)
Orange - Few limits - When worn on the left, orange indicates that the wearer will top in relatively any fetish, anytime, anywhere. Conversely, when orange is worn on the right, it can indicate either the wearer will bottom in relatively any fetish, anytime, anywhere
Yellow - Watersports - Urinating on (left), or being urinated upon by (right), another person

Which mirrors what the left wing blogosphere has been saying about the Lib-Dems ever since they decided to go into coalition.

Red - Fisting - Left pocket: Insertive partner. Right pocket: Receptive partner.
Dark red - Two-handed Anal fisting

Which is exactly what a wage earner feels like is being done to them during a period of Labour rule.


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